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Gantry extrusion head with Titanium alloy nozzle

Product code: TT210105011
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Two-Trees Technology Gantry Style hot-end is a solution to a few typical but frustrating issues found in high-heat 3D printing processes. It rivals E3D’s v6 in performance and surpasses it in ruggedness, withstanding temperature heights that defeat other hot ends

  • Printing temperature range: up to 550 °C
  • Filament size: 1.75 mm.

The heat break conducts 85% less heat into the heat sink than a typical threaded heat break
A steep temperature gradient at the heat break, and high tolerances along the filament path allow for better transmission of fine motor movements for higher resolution prints

Excludes Heater and Temperature probe. For higher temperature printing consider our PT1000 probe.

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Product Code TT210105011
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