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Hotend Superlab all-metal V6 hotend 3mm or 1.75mm filament

Product code: SLV6
£21.38 £17.82 (ex. VAT) £23.96

Very adaptable Metal only V6 kit from Superlab. Generally the build quality is excellent with a fine machine finish. The standard heatbreak within the kit is 3mm when used in all metal mode, and comes with a PTFE lining to convert to 1.75mm.  We also provide one of our V6 all metal heatbreaks for1.75mm free of charge within the kit.

The kits comes with a silicon sock, kit does not include Thermistor, Heating element or cooling fans, which means that you can customise it to meet your individual needs from our extensive range of products

Brand Superlab
Condition New
Product Code SLV6
Weight 0.1kg