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MK8/CR10 hardened steel nozzle 1.75mm for Anet & Creality 3D printers

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Hardened steel nozzles to fit Crealty 3D Printer and compatible hot ends using the standard MK8 type nozzle, such as the Anet A8. 

Composite materials print better with wider nozzles. We offer a 0.8mm nozzle optimised for composite filaments and this 0.4mm nozzle for finer details. 

Composite materials will wear down standard nozzles and filament feeder hobbled gears. Use uprated hardened nozzles when printing with composite filaments, especially metal, glass or carbon fibre-filled filaments.
Because of the thermal and chemical treatment applied to the nozzle they can have a dark, sometimes uneven looking coloration and surface finish. This does not have any impact on performance.
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Product Code M8NOZHS400CN
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