MKS MOS25/Heatbed power expansion board

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Many control boards are not rated sufficiently to take the large DC currents generated by 3d Printer hot beds and some of the higher power Hot end heaters. This is particularly true for 12V systems. 

Problems with overheating particularly occurred on Anet Printers, and even the Prusa i3 usinf the Rambo-mini control board has been known for problems with melted heated bed connectors causing failure. The combination of poor joints and high current are the most common cause of this type of overheating.

You can largely eliminate the problems of this nature by fitting a MOS25 heating controller to your heat bed circuit and ideally your hot-end circuit too. The MOS25 is rated for High current up to 25A, on no account should this be exceeded. 25A is 300 Watts at 12V. You must also ensure that when wiring to the board your wire is suitably rated for the expected current and terminated.

As the heat generated by this component can be significant, please ensure that it is adequately ventilated to prevent the build-up of radiated heat with your enclosure.
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Product Code MKSMOS25
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