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NTC Thermistor M3 screw Fit 100K B3950K

Product code: NTC100KM3
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Introducing our new 100K Thermistor - It is fitted with an M3 Brass probe, which makes it much more robust than the conventional bead thermistor that simply rests against the heat block. What is more it can be fitted to many of the stndard heat blocks including the V6, Creality and Ender 3 M8 Heat blocks. provided that your hot end uses a M3 screw to secure your thermistor this can be used as a simple and robust upgrade 

The Beta value is 3950K and so marlin setting type 11 is recommended.  The Thermistor is terminated with a Molex connector - if this is a first time installation you may need an extension cable. 

EAN 0610452926904
Condition New
Product Code NTC100KM3
Weight 0.015kg