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Wayland 24V High Power  V6 Hotend 60W J-head
Wayland 24V High Power  V6 Hotend 60W J-head
Wayland 24V High Power  V6 Hotend 60W J-head
Wayland 24V High Power  V6 Hotend 60W J-head
Wayland 24V High Power  V6 Hotend 60W J-head

Wayland 24V High Power V6 Hotend 60W J-head

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In mythology, Wayland the smith is the legendary master blacksmith of the gods. We have honored that legend in creating our ultimate high volume FDM print J-head for 1.75mm filaments. It is our answer to the e3d volcano,but with added oomph...

Our kit includes:

Brass heat block. Brass has a much higher thermal mass than traditional Aluminium, but is much more cost effective than the expensive plated copper options. This results in a much more stable temperature whilst printing. Brass does however initially heat up slower to counteract this we have included...

Our new 60W heater not only has the power to rapidly heat up the head form cold but has more than enough staying power to cope with longer print runs and higher temperatures.

To enable Wayland to run consistently at 260 degrees C and above, the traditional 30mm fan has been replaced by a 6.5cfm 40mm fan as standard. At its heart Wayland V6 comes with our Titanium all metal heat break as standard, further enhancing its high temperature pedigree. 

The kit is supplied configured for use in direct mode, which includes a short length of genuine Capricorn PTFE tube which is inserted into the heat sink and pushed into the top of the heat-break. To use in Bowden mode, you need to simply replace the tube supplied with a longer length plus the means to connect the other end to your extruder.  If you are intending to print at higher temperatures we recommend that you use Capricorn PTFE tube which has a higher melting point than traditional PTFE tubing.

When it comes to nozzles we certainly have not skimped on either the quantity or quality of our offering, we include a total of 6 nozzles with diameters of 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0mm in both brass for standard printing and in stainless steel for increased wear resistance and durability.

Nozzles are fully interchangeable with the e3d range & other compatible nozzles and accessories.

This hot-end is available  for 24V systems only.

One note of caution before you invest in this awesome piece of kit, please check that your printer power supply has sufficient capacity to cope with the increased draw from the heater, for this reason when you purchase Wayland, there is the option to also include a MKS MOS25/Heatbed power expansion board which canbe fitted to protect your control board from the additional current drawn. 
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Product Code WEV624V
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